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Hunter with gun and dogJ & R Outfitters prides itself on being more than just another hunting operation. Although hunting is the name of the game, guided trips emphasize the total hunting experience.

We operate on 4,000 plus acres of the most picturesque and game-rich land in Florida. A variety of game call this land home, including deer, wild hogs, quail, wild turkey, ducks, dove, snipe.

A variety of exotic deer and antelope as well as one of the largest herds of Asian Water Buffalo in the United States roam about on our hunting grounds.



I have hunted all over the world for difficult and dangerous game but one of my most memorable hunts was right here in Florida. I hunted wild water buffalo at J & R Outfitters with Joey O'Bannon using an eight bore muzzleloader. Difficult and dangerous were a given but Joey added a new dimension, "pure fun."

Joey's first comment after seeing the muzzleloader was, "All it needs is a wooden hull and sails." We stalked buffalo on foot and experienced a couple of mock charges by undersized adolescent bulls ...

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